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Kite Surfing - Ride with us

It’s easy to learn here! The spacious lagoon with flat-water and steady cross-on shore winds is perfect for beginners. Progression is much quicker in these conditions and most students are usually up riding in 3 days. Lessons start at $55 per hour. Intermediate kiters can also make huge progress here – learn to jump higher or master some new tricks!

To ensure your safety and satisfaction our instructors are fully trained to the IKO standards. Lessons are available in English, Vietnamese, Japanese, Russian, French, German and Chinese (subject to availability).

IKO Safety Standard Kite Lessons 

(Includes everything except, Sunglasses / Swimwear)

2-Hour Taster


Refresher / Advanced

$65.00 (Per Hour)

5-Hour (Discovery)


7-Hour (Beginner)


9-Hour (Begin and Ride)


12-Hour (Advanced)


x 2 pax Group (Kite Control Only)

$80.00 (Per Hour)

Note: After 5 hours, package prices equal to $60 an hour, so we just add your hours up at the end, and you only pay for lessons completed.

Note: When deciding which package to choose… Remember, most can only do 2 to 3 hours a day of lessons before getting tired, so you will need to plan 5 or 6 days to complete a 12-hour course.

Note: After completing your IKO course, we will register you and sign you off for levels completed which will give you a virtual on-line card.

Note: People that are fit or has previous board experience (wake-board/snow-board /surfing) usually get up and riding both ways in about 10 hours and practicing to go upwind…

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